2 Princess Leia Perler Pixel Patterns

Princess Leia Perler Pattern /// We add new patterns to our blog every week! Click the URL and follow us to make sure you don't miss any! /// Star Wars perler, hama bead, cross-stitch, knitting, Lego, pixel pattern /// Note: Patterns are ©, and your work must include © if posted, and can not be sold. See blog for complete ©. #pixel #pixelart #perler #perlerbeads #hama #hamabeads #starwars #crossstitch #lego #knitting #mosaic #princessleia #Leia #theforceawakens maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com

I have mentioned this before, but it deserves repeating: Star Wars is a “chick flick.”

It has love, romance, a smart and beautiful heroine, a scruffy nerfherder with a heart of gold, confused family dynamics, romantic tension, and did I mention LOVE?  …. It just also happens to have a bunch space stuff.   (They just disguised it as a guy flick – so we can get our dates and hubbies to watch something WE want to watch for once.) 
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Really, it was NOT a Star Wars Wedding!

Princess Leia IS a Disney Princess! (DIY Princess Leia Costume)

Coolest T-shirts Around

People are always wearing cool T-shirts to our M4Ps.  But, I have to admit I always enjoy the homemade ones the most.  (I also like the DIY costumes the best too.  It is just so much fun seeing what people can make with some duct-tape, foam, spray pain, fabric and lots of imagination)

Amy, artist extraordinaire, designed, and made her custom shirts.  (She is an illustrator, designers, crafter and just all around amazing artist – you should check her other work out here:  amyblandford.com.  It will TOTALLY blow you away)

Star Wars T-shirt. Check out all our other Star Wars shirts and costumes on our blog! #starbucks #starwars #tshirt #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #starwarscostume #leia #princessleia maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com   Star Wars T-shirt. Check out all our other Star Wars shirts and costumes on our blog! #starbucks #starwars #tshirt #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #starwarscostume #bobafett maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com
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ssssshhhhhh, it’s a secret!

(And hint,  they have some really cool men’s and unisex ones too.  Don’t tell my hubby, I am getting him this one for Christmas!)
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