Star Wars Limbo and Limb-OH! (2 Games for the Party)

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As Game Master for our May the Fourth be with You Parties, I set up and come up with games for us to play.  Here are two games from last year’s festivities that are perfect for any Star Wars Party:  “Star Wars Limbo” is a variation of the standard limbo game for kids and adults, and the “Star Wars Limb-OH!” is my own invention, and meant for pretty serious fans only.


Review of X-Wing Miniatures Game – Star Wars: Rebels Expansion Packs

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game: Rebels Imperial Assault Carrier Gozanti Class Cruiser with TIE Fighters/// We add new Star Wars fun on our blog every week! /// #starwars #theforceawakens #xwingminiaturesgame #boardgames #review #xwing #rebels #starwarsrebels #miniature #imperialassaultcarrier #gozanticlasscruiser #tiefighters #tie ///

The AWESOME new Star Wars Rebels ships have arrived!  There are three expansion ships from Fantasy Flight Games: The Inquisitor’s Tie, the Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti Class Cruiser), as well as Ghost (and its shuttle Phantom)! The Cruiser was technically seen first in Phantom Menace (in a slightly different form) and then in several episodes of Clone Wars, before showing up in Rebels, however the miniature was released at the same time as the Rebels expansion sets.

Review of X-Wing Miniatures Game: The Force Awakens

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game: The Force Awakens T-70 X-Wing /// We add new Star Wars fun on our blog every week! /// #starwars #theforceawakens #xwingminiaturesgame #boardgames #review #xwing ///

Well, I just got the new Force Awakens X-Wing Miniature Game for Christmas!  I must have been pretty good last year after all.  And our son who is absolutely crazy about anything that flies, got a matching set from Micro Machines.  This post will review the Force Awakens Set; compare the ships to the Original X-Wing Miniatures Game, as well as the Micro Machines set; and also discuss the topic of collectability.

Review of X-Wing Miniatures Game (Expansion Packs + More Ships)

X-Wing Millennium Falcon. Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game /// We add new Star Wars fun on our blog every week! /// #starwars #theforceawakens #xwingminiaturesgame #boardgames #review #xwing #millenniumfalcon ///

Hi all, this is a continuation of the X-Wing Miniatures Game review. There is a fair amount written about this game and expansion sets all over the internet (including Amazon, MiniatureMarket, BoardGameGeek, Wikia, etc). I’m trying to discuss some things that may not easily found on those reviews. This includes more detailed photos, comparison to other miniatures, a discussion about scale, and finally my own take on a review.

Review of X-Wing Miniatures Game (Base Game)

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game /// We add new Star Wars fun on our blog every week! /// #starwars #theforceawakens #xwingminiaturesgame #boardgames #review #xwing #tiefigther ///

Hello everyone!  I’m “the Hubby” that Anette occasionally mentions in her posts.  I am also, what she calls “the Game Master” here at M4P central.  That title makes sense.  I have been an avid board gamer my entire life, and I have a large collection of board games – Star Wars and otherwise.  A couple of years ago I started playing the X-Wing Miniatures Game, and over the next few weeks I am going to share a series of reviews of that game here.  Let the Games Begin…

Darth Vader Piñata

Episode V, Degobah, the Forest, by the Tree Cave:

LUKE: What’s in there?
YODA: Only what you take with you.
Luke looks warily between the tree and Yoda. He starts to strap on his weapon belt.
YODA:  Your weapons…you will not need them
Luke gives the tree a long look, then shakes his head “no.”
Yoda shrugs.
Luke reaches up to brush aside some hanging vines and enters the tree.

Luke must have known he would need his lightsaber… because Darth Vader’s helmet was filled with…CANDY!?!

Make a blue lightsaber bopper, be like Luke, and get a good whack at Darth.

Darth Vader Piñata and Lightsaber// Check out our blog for lots more Star Wars ideas. // #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #lightsaber #pinata        Darth Vader Pinata 2Darth Vader Piñata // Check out our blog for lots more Star Wars ideas. // #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #lightsaber #pinata
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