Creative and Copy Rights are REALLY Important!

First, Star Wars and all its characters are owned by Lucas Film Ltd. and Disney.

Second, May the Fourth be with You and our Blog are not in any way connected to Lucas Film Ltd. or Disney.  This is purely a fan site and blog!  It is lovingly created and run by fans, and its purpose is to give other fans ideas for intergalactic fun, as well as promoting the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Third, we want to give credit where credit is due.  When we feature someone else’s idea, design or photo, we WANT to give them credit.  We encourage you to click the link to their site to see what cool things they are doing!  So, we try to (at minimum) include a link to the source and a copyright.  In the few instances we have not been able to find the source of the material (such as forwarded pictures) and you know the source, or if we forget to mark something, PLEASE contact us, and we will happily include it in the blog.

Lastly, we expect the same from you.  We encourage you to post, tweet, pin, like, facebook, share, and broadcast any of the ideas (or pictures of your projects from our ideas), but you have to give the proper credit.  Include the link to this blog (or our main site) as well as the ©Anette Nam Design (and/or other applicable ©), right next to it.  Unless otherwise indicated, the original concepts, ideas, designs, patterns, names, text and photos are created by ourselves, and are copyrighted by us, and you may not use without giving us credit.  Also, here at M4P we are not selling any of our creations, because we do not have licensing rights to any of the characters. This is all fan art, just for fun!  So the same goes for you guys!  You may not, re-produce or make, and then sell any of the designs/ideas found here.  (Seriously, no Etsy sales!)

May the Fourth be with You!


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