General Grievous Perler Bead Coaster

Grievous perler cross stitch   Grievous perler pattern cross stitch

In the midst of all the terror, there is something tragic and vulnerable about General Grievous.

Despite being such a fearsome villain, we can’t help but feel sorry for him.  The credit has to go his designer Warren Fu.  When Grievous was introduced to us in Episode III, we really didn’t know much about Grievous’ back story.  Later, in the canon, we of course find out that his transformation was triggered by the death of his dear (female) friend Ronderu lij Kummar.  However, through Fu’s choice of making Grievous’ chest cavity open (and heart exposed), we feel that loss and humanity, without knowing anything about him.  We get a sense of vulnerability, in a way entirely unexpected of a Jedi-killing cyborg.

That back story also foretells Anakin’s descent into darkness. Here is George Lucas’ take on who Grievous is…

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