Stormtroopers are Cheesy! (Molded Cheese Stormtrooper Helmets)

One of the biggest complaints about the original Star Wars trilogy is that the Stormtroopers can’t shoot.  No, let me take that back, they can shoot… they just couldn’t hit the side of a barn if their lives depended on it (which, of course, it often does).  Looking back though, it is also one of the (many) things that makes the series so fun and special.

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That’s No Waffle. It’s…a…Space Station! (Death Star Waffles)

Death Star Waffle with TIE fighter and Bantha Milk/ Check out our blog for lots of Star Wars Party food recipes and downloadable labels! Great ideas for a Birthday Party or a May the Fourth be with you Party. / #starwars #starwarsparty #theforceawakens #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #starwarsfood #deathstar #waffle #wafflemaker #banthamilk #foodart #recipe #tiefighter #breakfast #rogueone /

Common wisdom say that you never, ever give your wife an appliance for her birthday, Christmas or anniversary.  I’m lucky to have a hubby who doesn’t listen to convention,  ‘cuz he gave me this spectacularly awesome DEATH STAR WAFFLE MAKER.  And I want to warn you that it is so majestically incredible, I will only use all caps when referring to it.

So since today is Waffle Day in Sweden, what better way than to celebrate with DEATH STAR WAFFLES!!!!!  

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The Very First May the Fourth be with You Party (DIY Death Star Bowls)

DIY Death Star Bowls with Dueling Jedi Dips. First May the fourth be with you party /// We add new Star Wars crafts and food to our blog every week! /// #starwars #theforceawakens #deathstar #jedi #foodart #funwithfood #maythefourthbewithyou #diy #party #birthday #maythe4th #dip #peppers #tiefighter ///

We had our very first May the Fourth be with You Party in 2011.  Yup,  that was way before “May the Fourth be with You” was even a thing.  If you check Wikipedia it says its very first occurrence was in 2011.

It was early April that same year, and I remember someone on the radio (I think NPR) mentioning that “May the Fourth” was coming up. They said that the date was a special day for Star Wars fans, and the radio crew sounded pretty amused at the idea.  I got so excited I hollered out loud:  THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!  (Deep breath!)  WE HAVE TO THROW A PAAARTYYYY!  (We had just celebrated “pi-day”, so the idea of throwing a Star Wars party was a small leap.)

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DIY Girls’ Star Wars Quilted Comforter Cover

DIY Girls Star Wars Pink and Green quilt comforter cover (sheets) /// We add new Star Wars crafts and fun projects on our blog every week! /// ‪#starwars‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ #comforter #sheets #quilt #sewing #girls #atat #deathstar #tiefighter #tiebomber #atst ‪#theforceawakens‬‬ #sewing #fabric //

“NO FAIR!”  My daughter was really jealous when her little brother got a set of Pottery Barn Star Wars sheets for his birthday a while back.  So we started looking for a set for her too.  She has a pink and green room, and we were hoping to get something that would at least sort of match.  After hours of searching online, we came up with….nothing.  I guess I was not really expecting anyone to sell pink Star Wars sheets, but I was really hoping for something gender-neutral like green, off-white or grey, but alas, nothing.

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All I Want for Christmas!

Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy & Dressing a Galaxy /// Check out our blog for lots of Star Wars gift ideas /// #starwars #starwarsgift #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #shakespeare #christmaspresent #starwarsbook #read #starwarscostume #halloweencostume #cosplay

All I need are these 2 books.
Well those, and a relaxing family Christmas with lots of hugs and laughter. 
And the bracelet my daughter hinted at making.
And for my dad to feel better.
And world peace…
And this lamp…
…and this thermos… (I do so love Steve Martin. If you have not seen it, ask for The Jerk for Christmas!)

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