Our First Giveaway!

Star Wars Jewelry Crawl Wrap Bracelet giveaway // We add new Star Wars posts to our blog every week! // #starwars #anewhope #jewelry #bracelet #gift #loveandmadness #maythefourthbewithyou #loveandmadness #giveaway // maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com

The summer is almost over.  The kids are going back to school.  So now it is time for me try to get caught up on all the things I was supposed to have done over the summer.

First on the List is the Very First M4P GIVEAWAY!

This has been a really exciting year for us.  The blog has been growing by leaps and bounds.  Though the summer has been a bit slower, we had an amazing 12.7K views in April and 14.8K in May.  So to celebrate, we are giving one lucky follower one of our all-time favorite Star Wars blings – the Star Wars (Opening Crawl) Wrap Bracelet, courtesy of Love and Madness. (You can read my review and see more pictures of the bracelet here).

The Rules are Simple:

Currently, we have about 600 followers across all social media.  Once we hit 800 followers across all media combined, or once Halloween rolls around (which ever comes first) we will do the drawing.

How to Enter:
  1. Start by following us on any or all of our social media accounts: WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or like our main page on Facebook.
  2. Once you have followed us, simply repost, retweet, share, or pin ANY of our posts/shares/tweets/pins (old or new) from within that particular app.  
  3. Make sure you include our correct handle/username and write  “GIVEAWAY” in your repost/share/retweet/pin, so we get a notification of your entry. (So for example, a retweet would include the words: @maythe4thparty giveaway + any descriptive words you want to add)
  4. Encourage your friends to do the same!

You may enter 1 time per social media account.  (Ok, you may enter more often, but we will only count 1 entry per.)  So if you want, you can enter as many as 6 times total – once each with a WordPress repost, Tumblr repost,  Facebook share,  Twitter retweet, Pinterest pin, and Instagram screenshot share (that includes our instragram username and details)

Once we hit 800 followers or just after Halloween, I will collect all the eligible entries, and my #1 will randomly draw one name.  I will announce the winner on all venues.  The winner then has a couple of weeks to contact me via DM/Comment to give me their name and mailing address.  If the person does not come forward within 2 weeks, I will draw and announce a new name.

Where do I Find You on Social Media?

WordPress:  maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com

Tumblr:  maythefourthbewithyouparty

Twitter:  @maythe4thparty

Instagram:  @maythefourthbewithyouparty

Pinterest:  May the 4th be with You Party Anette

Facebook: @maythefourthbewithyouparty

Good Luck! And let me know if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on “Our First Giveaway!

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