Is The Force Awakens OK for Kids?

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The question I have been asked most in person the past 5 days is “Did you like the movie?” (YES!).  The second most popular question is “Can I take my child to see it?”.  I am assuming that anyone reading this blog is going to see the movie – so need to convince you of that 🙂  BUT, I wanted to address the issue about whether or not to take your kids.  (No real spoilers ahead, but I do describe few scenes, so you know when to cover your child’s eyes)

We covered our almost 4-year-old son’s eyes for 2 scenes:
(again, no real spoilers ahead, but read at your own risk…)

– The fighting scene in the village.  Once the Stormtroopers open fire, it gets a bit intense. Like all the other Star Wars movies, the violence is “cartoon violence” – there is shooting and death, but no gore.  There is one scene with a little bit of blood, but it is not too scary.  There are 2 particularly scary parts in this scene, and you’ll get a bit of a warning before they occur.

– Kylo Ren on the catwalk, inside the Star Killer Planet.  You’ll know when its time to cover your kids eyes!

 Our almost 9-year-old daughter always covers her face and watches through her fingers when she thinks anything scary is coming up.  We decided she was old enough to see anything that happens in the movie, so we let her self-filter (with a couple of FYIs from us when we got to the scenes mentioned above).  Here are the other scenes she “filtered” …

– The “torture” scenes.  (They seem like they might get scary, but they don’t get bad)

– All lightsaber fights. (They are about par with all the other movies)

– All First Order attacks and war scenes.  (These are also about the same as all other movies)

– And, just like the other Star Wars movies, there is death depicted in several scenes, and you should expect to talk to you child about it.


5 thoughts on “Is The Force Awakens OK for Kids?

  1. “The Force Awakens does something that is just not done in movies: It puts an intelligent, smart, capable woman (who is NOT in high heels) into an action lead, and she gets to kick butt all the way through.” Yes! This was exactly what I loved about the movie/Rey too. 🙂

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