Is Rogue One OK for Kids?

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(Spoiler Free) After a bit of research and deliberation, we decided to let the kids go with us to see Rogue One on our first viewing, unlike The Force Awakens where the adults went to see it first.

I will try my darndest to talk about the movie without giving anything away, but please do read at your own risk.

– In the first half or so, there are several times our heroes end up having to fight to survive.  I would say all these scenes are on par with what we saw in The Force Awakens. The movie looks darker and grittier, but if your kids watch and enjoy the Avenger movies for example, you have nothing to worry about.

– In the middle, there is a dark scene involving a research center on a cliff.  As an adult you will know what is coming, so you might want to consider hugging your kids a little harder.

– The last third or so of the movie is very different from the rest.  It is more violent, and the violence looks more real than what we are used to in Star Wars.  There is really no gore or blood however, and SOME of the scariest bits happen just off-screen or are left to the imagination.  However I should warn you there are some very emotional scenes. Again, as an adult you will see them coming a bit ahead of time, so you’ll want to pay attention to how the younger ones handle them.

– In some ways the lines between good and bad guys are less clear here than what we are used to seeing in Star Wars and Disney movies.  Seeing good guys do bad things can be confusing for kids.

– And, just like the other Star Wars movies, there is death depicted in a few scenes, and you should expect to talk to you child about it.

Our kids have seen most of the Avenger movies, and I would put this at the same violence level as Captain America: The First Avenger, which I think is the scariest of the bunch.  If you don’t think your child is ready to see those, he or she is not ready for this movie.

Of course each child is different.  There is no way we would have brought our daughter to see this at 5.  At the time, she was still terrified of animated Disney villains.  I think we would have waited until she was 7 or even 8.  Our son however, loves the Avengers series, so we decided it would be fine for him.  And it was OK – he wasn’t that scared – he just did not enjoy it very much.


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