Silly Mommy, Tricks (-or-Treat) is for Kids!

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Since I am a kid at heart, I figured I am allowed to enjoy trick-or-treating as much as the kids do.  But I don’t dress up.  Well, I don’t dress up MUCH.

The trick is to dress up enough to reinforce the theme, but not so much that you take the focus away from the little ones…

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Princess Leia IS a Disney Princess! (DIY Princess Leia Costume)

R2-D2 Cheese

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Cutest Yoda Ever, She Was!

Child Yoda Costume /// Check out all our other Star Wars costumes on our blog! #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #starwarscostume #halloweencostume #yoda #cosplay

Most things about having children are wonderful.  Sure, sometimes, tiring, exhausting, aggravating, and infuriating, but ALWAYS wonderous and amazing.  It really is like a whole new universe opens up when you have a child.  As a first time parent you understand that thing called unconditional love, you learn that someone puking on you can actually be kinda’ cute, and in happy disbelief you find out that there is such a thing as Yoda costumes for infants!
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Tosche-ese Station