Christmas Shopping on Amazon!

may the fourth be with you party

We can’t believe have been doing this for a whole year!!!  During that time we have discovered that blogging is a blast.  Doing something so fun, and to be able to share it with you guys has been really rewarding.   And after a year, we still feel strongly that we don’t want to charge for our patterns and downloads, this is fan art site, and we plan on keeping it that way.

In turn we are asking a small favor.  We hope that you can show your appreciation for our work by using our Amazon links when making your Amazon purchases.

It’s easy, won’t cost you anything, and will only take an extra couple of seconds.

How does it Work?

  1. Instead of going through your Amazon phone app or browser Amazon bookmark, bookmark this post, or our Shopping Page (under home).
  2. When you want to go shopping, use our Amazon links to enter Amazon.
  3. The rest is the same for you.
  4. If you put something (and it can be anything) in your cart, AND then place the order during the same visit, M4P gets a small commission (from Amazon’s pocket – there is no cost to you).

It won’t make us rich, but it would really go a long way in paying for our craft supplies 🙂

Click here to shop at Amazon

Thank you for being loyal readers, and such enthusiastic sharers (especially on Pinterest)!
Again, thank you for all your support.   Now, let’s have another fun year!!

the M4P Team

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