Faster and More Intense Podcast Featuring… Us!!!

Faster and more Intense podcast featuring Anette from May the Fourth be with you party blog.

Last week was an exciting week for our blog:  I was interviewed for my very first podcast!!

I had the great pleasure of talking to Shiloh Kamrath, who runs the podcast Faster and More Intense.**  Shiloh and I spend about 15 minutes chatting about the May the Fourth be with You Party Blog: how it all got started, some of our favorite posts, and what the rest of the M4P crew and I are planning next.

Click here to listen to the Podcast!

The interview with me starts at about 8 minutes 45 seconds, and ends at about 22 minutes 10 seconds.

All in all, it went well. I have to admit I was a bit nervous before-hand, but Shiloh put me right at ease.  For a podcast newbie though, hearing one’s voice in a recording is incredibly weird – but I am guessing that to my friends it sounds just like me.

I regret that the audio connection was not better, however.  We recorded via Skype, and had some problems with the connection, so my voice disappears in a bunch of places.

Throughout the interview we speak about a few specific posts on the blog (my and Shiloh’s favorite), in case you are interested in reading those:

Shiloh’s Favorite “Text”:
DIY Death Star Soap on a Rope

My Favorites Projects:
R2-D2 and C-3PO DIY Halloween Costumes
General Grievous DIY Costume

Most Recent Project:
Lightsaber Hilt Napkin Rings
X-Wing Miniatures Game: Rebels Review

M4P Team Projects:
The Hubby’s Posts
Lego Master Builder Peter’s Posts
Jedi Master Heidi’s Projects
M4P Mom’s Ideas

Now, after my stint as a podcast star, I think I am happy to go back to the safety of my written blog.  Have a blessed Sunday, and I will see you guys as usual, next week!

**Wondering why on earth a podcast about Star Wars would be called “Faster and More Intense”?  Here is the scoop!  George Lucas, famously, (or infamously depending on which actor you talk to) did not give that much direction to the actors during the shooting of the Star Wars movies.  But the one direction he OFTEN gave was “Faster and More Intense”.

During the years, the phrase has become an inside joke for many Star Wars fans.  It is often repeated out loud while watching the Prequels…which CAN be pretty slow and dull at times.  Shouting FASTER AND MORE INTENSE at the screen can be a  fun distraction when the trade or diplomatic discussions get a bit out of hand.


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