HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (DIY Hoth Luke on Tauntaun, and Wampa Costumes)


13 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (DIY Hoth Luke on Tauntaun, and Wampa Costumes)

    • So sorry, no! But here are a the basics: The body is just a pair of fuzzy pants and shirt (check out the Chewbacca post). For the hands, I used a pair of black gloves and covered the top side with fur (see Chewie post), then sewed triangles cut from black felt on the tips of the fingers (for claws). The head is basically a hood, with horns (spray-painted black) from a cheap viking helmet, + white and grey felt ears sewn in place. The face panel (with black see-through fabric and black and white felt for facial features) is removable, and just safety pins in place. We made a neck gaiter to cover the neck, this was also just pinned in place. For tips on working with ling fur fabric, check out the Chewbacca link above.


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  2. For the ride on costume, is that the part that is the Trex costume but covered in the fur?
    I’ve been wanting to make a costume like this for a long time..thanks.
    They look great


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