Sabine Wren Perler Pixel Pattern

Sabine Wren Perler Pattern / We add new patterns to our blog every week! Click URL and follow us to make sure you don't miss any! / Star Wars perler, hama bead, cross-stitch, knitting, Lego, pixel pattern / Note: Patterns are ©, and your work must include © if posted, and can not be sold. See blog for complete ©. #pixel #pixelart #perler #perlerbeads #hama #hamabeads #starwars #crossstitch #lego #knitting #mosaic #pattern #sabine #sabinewren #rebels    Sabine Wren Perler Pattern / We add new patterns to our blog every week! Click URL and follow us to make sure you don't miss any! / Star Wars perler, hama bead, cross-stitch, knitting, Lego, pixel pattern / Note: Patterns are ©, and your work must include © if posted, and can not be sold. See blog for complete ©. #pixel #pixelart #perler #perlerbeads #hama #hamabeads #starwars #crossstitch #lego #knitting #mosaic #pattern #sabine #sabinewren #rebels

From day 1, Star Wars has done a better job at representing women than most other popular franchises (except Aliens).  Princess Leia is strong, feisty, and just as competent as the guys. Padmé Amidala is the smartest of all new characters in the Prequels.  And in Clone Wars, we are introduced to the fabulous Ahsoka Tano and Assajj Ventress.

Yet, with Kathleen Kennedy at the helm, things are changing dramatically for the better.  No longer do we have only 1 main, strong female character per story, we also have many female supporting and minor characters: stormtroopers, sages, x-wing fighter pilots, leaders, villains, and heroes.  Now, Star Wars isn’t a male universe with some wonderful female characters… It is a universe with guys and gals interacting on equal footing.

This is revolutionary in 2 ways (in addition to the role model aspect, which we have discussed many times here at M4P):

  1. Women get to talk to other women about smart things!
    Most often, even if a movie has a prominent female character, there is rarely another woman for her to interact with.  Sabine talking to Hera about combat strategy is something just not seen anywhere else in entertainment.  (The closest I can think of is the Hunger Game movies, or the recent Battle Star Galactic series)
  2. Women get to have interesting personalities!
    When there is only 1 woman in a movie, she is relegated into one of the basic female archetypes. With a multitude of women on the screen, some can have nurturing, or kick-ass, or feisty, or sexy personalities, while others get to be shy, or nerdy, or funny, or boring, or brave, or awkward, or not particularly good-looking… just like male characters have been for all ages.

So of all the shows available for families, I can’t tell you happy I am that my kids love Rebels.  #1 especially identifies with Sabine, who is smart, independent, questions the status quo, and is a creative problem solver.  On top of that, Sabine has a female mentor in Hera, which is something rare even in the Star Wars universe (most heroines have male mentors).  Of all  the TV personalities out there #1 could emulate, Sabine has to be one of the best!

Sabine is #59 in the Perler bead/cross stitch/crochet/knitting/Lego/pixel/mosaic pattern series.  If you are looking for Sabine’s Helmet, you can find that here.

NOTE:  We spent A LOT of time making these designs, and are absolutely thrilled to see that they are becoming so popular, but we want to remind you that we should get credit when they are used.  So, if you show your work using our designs anywhere (online as well), put a “Pattern © Anette Nam Design” and link to “” somewhere close by. THANK YOU! … and as always, you may not sell any products made with these patterns.

Needed if you make Perler Bead Coasters:

How To:

  • Download and print out the pattern provided (mirror it, if you only plan on ironing on only 1 side).
  • Cut out, then tape pattern to the back of the Perler Pegboard so the dots line up with the pegs.
  • Add the Perler beads (tweezers are pretty handy if you don’t have a 6 yr old’s tiny fingers).
  • Carefully move pegboard to ironing board, place parchment (or Perler ironing paper) on top.
  • Iron until the beads start melting together (If you have never done this before, it might take some practice to get it “just right”).
  • Let cool for a bit, remove from Perler Pegboard and remove paper.
  • Optional: turn over, cover with parchment paper and iron on other side. (put something solid and heatproof underneath to make ironing easier)
  • If you only iron on 1 side, place it under something flat and heavy while it cools, to avoid curving.
  • Cut cork about 1/4” smaller than the square, affix to the back.
  • Don’t forget the Bantha milk. Enjoy!


Usually people iron on both sides of the Perler bead design, but I prefer to only do the back. The designs look crisper and more “pixely”.  With the cork on the back, I have not had any problems with the coasters falling apart, but feel free to iron yours on both sides.

Note, if you only plan on iron on only 1 side, you need to mirror the pattern.

Also, the coasters are pretty hard to clean, so try not to get anything too gunky in there.

Get Supplies:

Perler Beads – Black
Perler Beads – Kiwi Lime
Perler Beads – Orange

Perler Beads Clear Square Pegboards 4 Pack
Perler Fun Fusion Ironing Paper 6/Pkg-
Darice Adhesive Backed Cork Tiles   (This is a bit thicker than what I used, but I can’t find the same kind I got)


Feel free to use these patterns for any personal use – but please do not sell items made with them. Also, feel free to link to this blog so others can download the pattern, but do not download and then re-upload in order to offer them as downloads on your own site/blog. THANKS!


5 thoughts on “Sabine Wren Perler Pixel Pattern

  1. “No longer do we have only 1 strong female character per story, we also have many female supporting and minor characters…”

    But wait! What about the handmaidens who helped Padme take back Naboo from the Trade Federation? Or the women jedi who helped rescue Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme on Geonosis? Or Asajj’s Nightsisters? Or Mon Mothma? Or Aunt Beru? Or Shmi? Or the conversations between Ahsoka and Padme or Ahsoka and Asajj? I mean no criticism, I’m just tired of the way the previous women of Star Wars has been thrown under the bus for the ladies of the Disney era and I think it’s unfair to them.


    • VERY Excellent point!!! Thanks for reminding us of those marvelous characters 🙂 The Original/prequel/Clone Wars female characters are the reason I always say that the Star Wars universe is EXCELLENT for young girls. And now I am really excited that there are more women than ever, with larger parts, being depicted in more varied type of roles than ever.


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