Lemonyoda #2 (Dessert version)

Star Wars Food: Lemonyoda Ice Cream Float /// Check out our blog for lots of Star Wars Party food recipes and downloadable labels! Great for a Birthday Party or a May the Fourth be with you Party. /// #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #starwarsfood #soda #yoda #punch #icecreamfloat maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com
If you still have green food coloring left over after our last post, here is our encore: the dessert version of Lemonyoda.  A punch with a pinch of color, a scoop of sweet, and just like the last recipe, a barrel-full of midi-chlorians.


  • Cold Lemon Lime Soda
  • Green and Yellow Food Coloring
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Tall Glass
  • Straw

How to:

  1. Fill glass about 3/4 with soda.
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring.
  3. Mix.
  4. Add as much ice cream you as can possibly fit.
  5. Too fast, do not drink, or a brain freeze, you will get.


Once poured, let it sit for a while, for a yummy frothy treat.

Get Supplies:

The Star Wars fabric is from JoAnn (in 2015)
The glass is from Cost Plus World Market (around 2012)


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