Star Warsy Mr. Pumpkin Head

Yoda and Darth Vader Pumpkins push-ins. Check out our blog for lots more Star Wars crafts and decor. #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #yoda #darthvader #hallloween #pumpkin

Despite my cheese carving endeavors, I have never been much of a pumpkin carver.  We do the basic monster faces every year, and even that is under some protest on my part.  Having spent countless hours playing with the kids and their Darth Tater, I am however, really good at sticking plastic arms and legs into fake produce.

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(Just gory enough) Wampa Cookies

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A Spoonful of Star Wars! (DIY Bith Band Centerpiece)

Spoon Cantina Band (Bith Band) Centerpiece // Check out our blog for lots more Star Wars crafts and decor. // #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #centerpiece #cantinaban #bith

Lots of people like Sci-Fi in small doses. Not us! Star Wars in big, giant wood-ladle-sized servings for us, please.

Jedi Master Heidi’s case in point: She put her mad craft skills to use and made this too-funny centerpiece for our Mos Eisley’s Cantina (post to come this Friday).  She used the wood spoon Bith (from the awesome book: The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton), and designed a centerpiece that is (Star Wars) music to our ears.

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Show your True Colors! (DIY Banners)

Star Wars Flags and Banners (Downloadable Empire and Rebel Symbols) // Check out our blog for lots more Star Wars crafts and decor. // #starwars #starwarsparty #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsbirthday #banners #rebels #empire

Are you a Rebel or a Buckethead?  Jedi or a Sith?  Do you want to show your true colors, or hedge your bets and show all?  Jedi Master Heidi made these 7 fantastic banners few of years back, and they are incredibly simple and cheap to make.  Our display might not quite rival Napoleon’s flag display at Les Invalides, but I promise it still looked very impressive!

The first year we used them we had a contest: the person who identified the most insignias correctly won a prize (vintage Star Wars books).  It was surprising how hard it was for even the most ardent fans to get more than half correct.

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Citrullus Lanatus Imperial Planetary Ore Extractor

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